When my brother Tony and I sat down several years ago and started this company, we had a number of principles in mind. Principles that heretofore were unheard of in the "promotional item" business. Things like: fast service - low prices - guaranteed quality and full disclosure pricing (meaning "no" hidden costs). We decided to build a promo item company that would serve the radio and records industry "exclusively", in a way that would allow them to deal with people who were totally knowledgeable with their needs. Tony has spent over 28 years in the ad specialties business in high management positions with Sony, Pentel, and other leaders in the industry. My background includes 28 years as both a winning program director (98 Rock - Tampa / WAAF - Boston / WQFM - Milwaukee / WLLZ - Detroit / WORJ - Orlando amongst others) and my experience in the record business at RCA records and my own independent marketing company -- Lee Arnold Marketing.

Together we offer you the our "no embarrassment guarantee". You will never, ever have to go back to your "boss" and ask for "more" money to cover the "hidden costs" that were not revealed to you when you placed your first order. We will always work with you to make you look like the "top notch manager" that you are to the powers that be. We are part of your team!